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The worst

Ultimate guitar is terrible. All they are about is ad revenue and not making their terrible website and app better.

Dont bother -rip off

Ive now paid twice for this stupid app, Their "upgrade" is very confusing. You think you are paying for the full version and you end up paying $7.99 for a temporary use pass. What a rip-off. Who do these developers think they are that they can charge $8 for temporary use. Go out and buy a guitar tuner and download your tabs for free online like every other musician.

This is the app

Its where I go when Im mobile and want to find the chords.

Excellent for Tablature

This is an excellent app for tablature.

$10 plus the $3 you already paid.

Im extremely upset that after paying $3 I realize its only a version of the website without tools to actually play the song or tabs. The website automatically sends you to the App Store every time you hit any play button. This is super whack bc it was deceptive. If everything transparent we wouldnt be here.

Excellent for beginner

I am a brand new guitar student and this is the best app I own. I havent found a song I wanted to learn that was not in this app. Great job to your developers!!

Exceptionally helpful for lyrics, tab, and aides!

This is my "go to" AP when I want to learn the chords of a song to a favorite artist. Love it! I am a beginner, and with the helpful videos and explanations I can review many times.

Old man

As I have gotten older, I just dont have the players to jam with as I did before. And my memory of the chords and licks can sometimes wander. This app has gotten me back playing again on a daily bases. Thanks man nothing like the calloused fingers again. I enjoy playing and I like being able to find the stuff I grew up playing.

Too expensive

Get a book and go on YouTube instead.

Wont connect most times

The app is useless if it cant connect to the UG servers. How lame. I payed money to upgrade and now it wont even work. Very disappointed. UG wouldnt shut up about app and it wont even work. When it worked it was great but it hasnt in a while. *Deleting :(*

The best

Simply the best free guitar app in the world.


This app is amazing to learn songs


You have to buy the pro version which is an extra 5 dollars to get anything useful


Lots of songs


PRO: App is very well built and a great tool to learn songs. There are various useful tool. CON: The constant demand for extra payment is very enjoying. It takes away the feeling of peace and it produces an uncertainty about how many times we would have to pay extras to use the app freely. Disappointing.

Good app

Fun and useful to search for tabs


Love this app! I need to learn a song, yall got it. The new extras are great too. Thanks! Best money Ive ever spent.

Best App on my phone!

This is an extremely valuable tool for me and my band mates! It keeps improving and the staff are hard at work to make it better all the time. Love it!

Great app!

I love this app! Easy to use and great tabs!

Bad as hell!!

Great app! Thanks man!!

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